i know, i know.

Im bored so i'll post.

Im going to BC soon, im almost done my contract with no other job planned, EI here i come!
im bored, uhm, im bored?

I like bubble gum!!

zippity zip!!
holy fuck shoot me.
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jebus its been a longtime.

so yeah, its been a long time i havent wrote anything.

school is almost over, thank god. met this new guy, he is totally adorable, i really hope hes a good one. hes very opinionated and feisty, i like it. hes totally hot and man oh man.... :)

this summer is going to be nutso!
weekend in Tdot with my girl Mercedes and a week+ in BC. hopefully i can see my girl Bliss maybe go camping (eek! nature)
but who cares! i get to see her, i miss her dearly. Met her last year and i think about her daily, hope she is donig ok, hope she is coping well and is loving life. one thing i miss? the stinkers. it sounds silly, but i loved playing with them. RAD!!!!
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So i finally decided to update my LJ.

Winter break from school is fun, however in stuck at work. car is doing fine, just installed a block heater and am going to pay for my damages late jan. (yes yes, minor fender-bender). I get to take a witchcraft class next semester, apparently the class is really easy. I have a date tonight with Nick. I have the hugest teen crush on him, its retarded.
Man, i dont know what to say...i quit smoking....since Dec 10th. but i told myself it was ok when i drank a few, which is like once every 2 weeks or so.

Last night i went out with my friend marcel. We went to Sugar Mountain and i got chocolates and jelly bellies. Then we went 2 doors down to bridgehead, he hada coffee and i had a hot chocolate, oh my, it was SOOOO yummy.. Then we went to Patty Bolans, an irish pub. We had a pitcher of keiths and sang along with the band. Then we left and i had a hankering for a poutine. so we went to the poutine nazi. i was so full of sugar i was jumping around everywhere. giggling and singing, no i wasnt drunk. then i dropped my fork so we went to McDonalds because we were parked near there and they wouldnt give him one so he got a coffee stir-thingy. It really didnt work too well. So we walked around in the market and went by the poutine nazi and asked for a fork because i dropped one. With a stern look, the lady said.. "ok, but only this one time, i remember your face, no more forks after ok?"
then we went back to the car and i was happily eating and humming to myself, marcel thought i was mental. Then he wanted to go for 1 last drink so we went over to hull and as we were walking to the bar we dumped into our friend Denis. He came in and had a pint with us then i went home and watched 40 year old virgin...i really didnt think it was that funny.
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fucking LJ, i just made a huge post and now its gone.
anyways i'll reiterate.

I wanted to share my secreats with you guys, cuz there are only like 2 or 3 people reading this anyways.

1. I really dont love my perm even if I say do.
2. Im really 120, even if i once told Mike i was 110.
3. I'm scared that Mike is the one and that im too stupid to see past his quirks.
4. I like bringing my car to the mechanics. And when he tells me the "eee-eee-eee" my car is making is nothing, im dissapointed.
4. My breasts really fucking hurt and it's been 2 weeks...
5. Sometimes I'd like to drive my car off a cliff to see what it feels like, but then not die a horrible, horrible death in the end.
6. I have these underwear, they look so cute in the drawer, but man to they ever kill.
7. I wish i was pregnant, just for the cute belly, eating anything i want and shopping for baby stuff.
8. I dont like Jelly beans.
9. I have friends i dont really like, and no its not you guys.
10. My Louis Vuitton is a fake.
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hating ones job.

I do.

I really do.
But I cant afford to find another job. I mean, i love the people. its picking up the phone and helping retarded people with their menial tasks. FUCK!!!

I feel like a havent REALLY see Mike since we went to Toronto at the beginning of June... I miss him. Im just exhausted, i feel like im just a corpse walking around.

Oh, and whoever this was, its not funny..
I went to pick up Alex and Im waiting in the Parking lot. i check my phone "1 missed call" it was my dad he sounded panicked. So i call back right away.
"whats going on dad?"
"where are you?"
"im waiting for Alex"
"oh ok, see you at home ok?"

Well i get home and my mom is in tears, someone pranked my house by calling and crying out "mommy...mommy"
HOLY FUCK PEOPLE!!! how fucking wrong was that? ASSHOLE!
my poor mom was on the other line screaming my name, she was soo worried....
I asked her to *69 it but she couldnt, and now its too late. whoever this is.
Ill find out...
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weekend in the T dot.

ok it was a fun weekend...so heres the play by play.
left work early.
got home, waited for Mike and then he got to my house by about 5:30. we hopped into his car and left right away.
about 2 1/2 hours later i had to pee so bad and Mike was not helping trying to tickle me...
so we stopped at a Mcdonalds and i peed and then we were off again.
We got to the hotel at around 10, just because we couldnt figure out what the hell the collector was...lol
got to the hotel uncorked the champagne and well...you know..
anywho..next morning got up ordered room service and went shopping...ahhh..sweet sweet shopping.
i spent about 400$...
next day we went to wonderland, so much fun!!! i felt oh so queasy all day..
on monday we went to the biggest asian mall ive ever seen, it smelled funky.
On the Way home we stopped at the big apple http://www.grouptourplanner.com/newsstory_71.cfm
and then i drove part of the way home...while Mike snoozed
got home and went to bed after going to watch a movie at andreannes, so much fun :)
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oh...my god!!!! holy moly!!!

I get my car today!!
Holy crap im so excited, i want to leave work right now...mmm...cookies, i like oreos..wait FOCUS!! CAR!
YAY!!! its mine ALL miNE!! well after i pay my dad back, but thats beside the point I HAVE MY OWN CAR!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

civic hatchback (i know, i know...)
but its pretty and HEY! at least i HAVE A CAR!
and its got a killer sound system in it. no subs, i dont want it thugged out yo. reprazent *grunts in manly fashion*
WOOHOO! the GALEN!!!!!! you need to take a ride!
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